Cell Phones and its relationship to Brain Cancer

I was watching Dr. Oz last night and he explained that there has been a link between cell phones and brain cancer. To summarize:

  • using your cell phone can possibly give you brain cancer/ tumors
  • If you have it in your pocket and use a bluetooth, it is delivering radiation to your lower organs and bonemarrow.  It has even been proven to lower sperm count.
  • Best thing to do is keep it in ur purse or “man bag” and use the “oldschool” handsfree headset instead of a bluetooth, which also delivers signals (and therefore radiation).
  • There’s more radiation delivered when there is less reception because the signals sent out are even stronger.

Watch the episode here. http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/tuesday-dr-oz

“According to experts, when a connection is established with a cell phone and cell phone tower, it results in the creation of electromagnetic radiation. Since we always hold the phone against our ear while talking, this radiation tends to penetrate in the brain. However, the risk of getting brain cancer is more in people who make heavy use of this device. Based on reports, very soon the World Health Organization will also announce that few types of brain cancer and tumors can be caused due to long term use of cell phones. Between the years 2000 to 2004, a study was conducted in 13 countries on over 12,800 people and it was concluded that if an individual uses mobile phones continuously for 10 years or more, brain tumor risks increase to a great extent.”

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