The Fued Between WebEx & DimDim Continues

I was catching up with my Google Reader this morning and caught some drama. Apparently WebEx said some things about DimDim that were inaccurate which got DimDim railed up. I discussed the event with the CEO of a tech company from Silicon Valley. Here’s some advice I was given: “never knock the competition”.

If you are attacked and the competition makes a false claim you don’t load up on ammo, you simply state your side and the facts that support your side and your company.

Unless you love the drama and you are a fiesty brand that will never give up, and has a community to turn to for support… I guess go ahead if you must.

That’s exactly how DimDim started out when CEO DD Ganguly announced at Demofall07 that they will kill Webex. “Webex is history” he said.

Although company drama does make for good publicity and is exciting to read about, it’s probably wise to avoid it and never stand in the middle of it.

Right now Dimdim is playing the “he said, she said” highschool game. To me it looks like they are trying to play innocent. They’re turning to the community for support hoping that they could help gang up on WebEx and attack for them while they sit back and act like this wasn’t expected.

Many are waiting for retaliation or just an explanation from WebEx, but they are remaining quiet right now. What do you think about all this?

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