How Many Websites Actually Rank 10/10?

I just attended a webinar today hosted by Crexendo. They offer a free analysis report of your website.

Parker Garlitz, President of Garlitz Consulting, LLC and VP of Living Whole Foods, Inc. was the speaker.  Here are a few things I found interesting:

  • About a dozen websites score a Google Page Rank  of 10/10
    • ex – Govenmernt websites, Cnn, Google
  • How many are PR 9/10? Out of the trillion webpages out there, several dozen rank as a 9.
    • ex –, Bing, Yahoo
  • Several Hundred rank 8/10
    • ex – ebay
  • about 98% of the web has a PR of 0
  • What if it says that your Page Rank is Unavailable?
    • This happens to most newly created pages. That doesn’t mean that your page is a 0. It just means that your page is not indexed yet or google can’t find it.
    • For example, if u have a secured page like a shopping cart, the ranking will not be available.  Spiders have probably been instructed by the robot.txt, created by your webmaster, to not crawl that page.