San Francisco: Plan Ahead for New Year’s Eve

Don’t know what to do for NYE yet? Here’s a suggestion. I already got my tickets! Make sure wherever you decide to go, get tickets early and plan your rides. You don’t want to buy a overpriced last minute ticket, be stuck in mad traffic, or get pressured to be the DD.

Get set for an amazing end to 2009 as we bring you the most anticipated event of the year- the sophisticated, fun & upscale A.List New Year’s Eve Ball at the luxurious Westin St. Francis!

This glitzy, landmark event truly embodies what this great city of San Francisco has to offer. Come experience for yourself the exciting and diverse mix of music, fashion, art, culture, sophistication & charitable causes as we take you into 2010 in style at the largest and most amazing event in town – “Passport to the World” NYE Spectacular!”

Travel the world in just one night as you venture through 10 different areas while experiencing different entertainment in each! 3000+ balloons in the midnight balloon drops, and the largest dance floor in SF in the main USA themed room!

Ticket Name Ticket Price    
General Admission $95.00    
VIP Admission $135.00    
VIP Table – European Room $250.00    
VIP Table – USA Room $300.00    
VIP Table – USA Room, Dance Floor $400.00

Featuring all of the following:
* Large theme-based props/decor in each of the main rooms
* Hosted bar where all of your beverages are included
* 15 of San francisco’s best dj’s spinning your favorite music
top40 | hip hop | house | mashup | international | alternative | 70s-90s
* Fashion Show on the runways in the USA room
* Great live band playing both covers and originals
* Live Bands rockin’ it out
* Stiltwalkers & Exhibitionists performing up high
* Live Art being painted right before your very eyes


9 Marketing Lessons from the Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Campaign

October (aka. Breast Cancer Awareness Month) has just ended and I found it appropriate to share this short slide presentation. Here are a few marketing lessons that we can all take away from the success of the Pink Ribbon Campaign. This was created by Rohit Bhargava who blogs at Influential Marketing Blog.

How Many Websites Actually Rank 10/10?

I just attended a webinar today hosted by Crexendo. They offer a free analysis report of your website.

Parker Garlitz, President of Garlitz Consulting, LLC and VP of Living Whole Foods, Inc. was the speaker.  Here are a few things I found interesting:

  • About a dozen websites score a Google Page Rank  of 10/10
    • ex – Govenmernt websites, Cnn, Google
  • How many are PR 9/10? Out of the trillion webpages out there, several dozen rank as a 9.
    • ex –, Bing, Yahoo
  • Several Hundred rank 8/10
    • ex – ebay
  • about 98% of the web has a PR of 0
  • What if it says that your Page Rank is Unavailable?
    • This happens to most newly created pages. That doesn’t mean that your page is a 0. It just means that your page is not indexed yet or google can’t find it.
    • For example, if u have a secured page like a shopping cart, the ranking will not be available.  Spiders have probably been instructed by the robot.txt, created by your webmaster, to not crawl that page.

Using Web 2.0 to Land Your Next Job

So much has changed over the last few years online: the rise of the blogosphere, the increase popularity of social media, and the boundless opportunities for networking. One major change has been in the way people search for jobs or even the new tools employers use in their hiring process. Job searches have moved beyond newspapers and phone calls. and Craigslist have become default steps to job searching.

Job Seekers online are now moving pass simply submitting a resume and cover letter online and are taking other measures. They are using other online tools to help them land that much needed job in this competitve job market. One popular tool is the use of social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, MySpace and Facebook. Of the three, Facebook may have the edge in terms of the number of persons who have sought and found jobs. Social networking sites provide a great avenue for people who want to meet other professionals in their field. In turn these social networks, one creates online, can lead to more networking opportunities and exposure for oneself.

Tips on how to be Found Online by Recruiters

Job seekers of the information age are using all aspects of the internet to their advantage. There are many tools out there and in this competitive environment and economy you can not rely solely on traditional ways of job searching to land a job. In order to get noticed you need to utilize the tools of web 2.0 to their fullest.

  • Attraction marketing; with this method job seekers create content online or even videos about themselves and their skills on sites like Youtube, Blip TV, and Vimeo.
    Video resumes are still relatively new but will draw attention from recruiters. The best video resumes are short and direct, outlining the reasons to why you stand out above the crowd.
  • Maintain a professional profile on social networking sites such as Myspace, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google Profiles.
  • Create a strong presence online. Reach out to the online community by participating in online discussion forums, blogs, etc. Offer advice regarding your particular industry and interests. If you have a blog, that’s great! Start sharing your knowledge and expertise there.
  • Use Twitter to your advantage. Tweet that you are looking for a job. Use Twitter Search and Twitter Job Search to look for jobs you’d like to apply for.
  • Create meaningful connections through networking sites. As John Guare believes: the world is small and there are only 6 degrees of separation between us and everyone else on this planet. You could be separated from your future job by only 2 degrees but you would never know if you were not active.

Headhunters also use these internet tools as a way to research and investigate a candidate on a deeper level. Many employers also search through their online connections and networks for people with the skills and experience they are looking for. Your online profile could be the determining factor that either qualifies or disqualifies you for a particular job position. In these trying economic times, one can not afford to deny the benefits of social networking.

My Birthday Wish: Support the American Cancer Society

This year I’m donating to this cause –  Fight Cancer: Support the American Cancer Society
Help me create a world with less cancer and more birthdays. Supporting this cause means that you are not only benefiting the lives of people who are alive now but for the millions in the future who have yet to step foot on this world. Please support my cause on Facebook:

This is why I care:

Everyone knows somebody that is affected by cancer. In fact, 1 out of 3 people will be affected by cancer in their lifetime.

You know how devastating this disease can be and how it has taken so many of our loved ones away from us. Because of the advancement of cancer research, children, mothers, fathers, grandparents, and friends have been given a second chance in life and this wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for people supporting and raising funds for research and nonprofit orgs. So if your not doing this for someone you know do it for the neighbor you haven’t met or the kid on the other side of the world who is less privileged. Because NOBODY should ever have to be bound to their bed by this disease asking God if they’ll live to see another day.

Thanks everyone!

Search Engine Relationship Chart

This is a chart I took from Bruce Clay, Inc. that shows where each major search engine gets their results from. By looking at this you can decide which search engines to put most your efforts in.

I just love charts. It simplifies everything.
Here is what Bruce Clay believes is the “SEO Hierarchy of Needs“.
This helps you prioritize your SEO campaign. I agree with the elements of this pyramid. The spaces between each level are very close and you need to concentrate on all of these things in order to run a successful website. So i can’t say that one is more important than the other, but only that you need the base before you begin to move up the pyramid.  

I call it… Hearing-a-Mosquito-in-the-Night Diagram

Yep! That’s a pretty accurate flow chart.