Black Friday: more like Black Weekend

The day that gives everyone an excuse to buy what they’ve been wanting, need, or didn’t know they needed. The day that gives me a rush, fills my heart with joy, and then empties my wallet leaving me bittersweet. I now understand why that Friday is Black.

 Is it just me or did anyone else notice that this year’s Black Friday was a bit different from the last? Not only were the deals and savings not as shocking as they use to be, but Black Friday had turned into Black Saturday, Sunday, Thursday… or hell, Black Week!

I suppose it’s cause many major department stores were counting on those couple days to raise their end of the year sales, hoping it’ll make up for the many months of decreased sales compared to years before. It’s a smart move since many people don’t want to deal with the headache and the crowds of that day. Since deals were now prolonged, other less avid shoppers were also enticed by the lure of Black Friday deals thus leading to more sales. Stores like Target advertised that there deals would go beyond morning and will be there whether you line up at 4am or you stop by before dinner at 6pm. Deals lasted the entire day. Heck some of them even last until January. Since this day was extended, that’s probably why the deals were reduced. What do you think?

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